My facebook and my heart is flooded with emotions. I had to vent out my thoughts and what better spot than my blog.

When I saw the video yesterday of Alton Sterlings shooting & the son breaking down at the press conference, my heart couldn’t handle it.  My heart (& eyes) couldn’t handle the video of Philando Castile’s death. That video was brutal & unjust. I couldn’t handle the live streaming of a murder. My heart hurts for every black person out there who has complied with the law and still ended up hurt or dead at the end or anybody was discriminated & killed only because of your color, religion or sexual lifestyle.

I grew up in Dubai. A country where regardless of the fact that I was born and raised there I had NO rights. It was a ‘privilege’ that they allowed us to stay in the country as an Indian. We were always discriminated against. My parents taught us to always follow the law, instilled in us a sense of fear for the UAE cops. We were always scared of the consequences, if we broke the law or resisted in anyway. That was no way to live.

I do agree that ‘resisting’ a cop is not wise esp. if you are armed. I am by no means justifying what happened  in any of the cases with the recent deaths in the black community, but what am I saying is that if I had a son I would teach him to never resist arrest, to never give cops a reason to walk the court room free because they needed to ‘self-defend’.

To me the two cases are completely different and separate from each other. Alton Sterling case vs Philando Castille. I dont think shooting was justified on either one but I will wait till all the investigation is done on Sterling’s case to make a conclusion. I do feel for Philando Castile. That was tragic, a life gone too soon all starting with a busted tail light.

I read a post yesterday which resonated well with me. Sure, we can fire these cops or bring them to justice. There will just be more others who rise in their place. Hatred will continue to cause blood shed. Look at the ISIS activities around the world, look at Christina Grimme’s death, look at the number of people shot in Orlando. It comes down to our hearts and our minds. How can we change the hearts of these people?

Being a christian I have to give you my christian perspective. Murder or violence of any sort is not from God. God is love. As a christian it is my duty to love YOU no matter your color, religion or sexual life style. It is also, my duty to put that love into action and stand up for injustice of any sort.What ails you, ails me.

My question is –

  • What can WE do to stop these shootings?
  • How can we change the hearts and minds of people?
  • Will having certain laws when it comes to law enforcement alone eliminate these happenings ?
  • Will certain gun laws help?
  • What are your thoughts?

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” ~ MLK

I hurt with you Alton Sterling, Philando Castille and all the others who were killed recently. I stand with you.